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Kuala Namu International Airport

Kuala Namu International Airport is a new airport for Medan, Indonesia. The location is the former plantation PTPN II PT Tanjung Morawa, located in Kuala Namu, Banyan Village, District Banyan, Deli Serdang regency. Kuala Namu International Airport will replace Polonia who are older than 70 years.
Namu is equipped with flash night, so when the plane would land in bad weather conditions it will shoot runway lights are bright, so that the pilot is very easy to know the exact position of the runway, and do not forget the airport became the second largest airport in Indonesia after the International Airport Soekarno-Hatta.

While the capacity of Kuala Namu Airport, located on an area of ​​1,365 hectares in the district of Deli Serdang, prepared to serve up to 8.1 million passengers per year, with a passenger terminal area covering 86,000 m2 (Phase I). These will continue to be developed to achieve the maximum capacity.

Kuala Namu International Airport has a runway length of 3,750 meters which is suitable to accommodate aircraft of Boeing 747, and has 8 garbarata. The airport can be landed by the largest passenger aircraft in the world today is the Airbus A380. The airport also is the third airport in Indonesia that can accommodate the Airbus A380 in addition to the Hang Nadim Airport and Soekarno-Hatta Airport.

Kuala Namu Airport will be equipped with two parallel runways, apron 30 ha maximum capacity of 33 aircraft, covering an area of ​​13,000 m2 cargo terminal with a capacity of 3 aircraft (65,000 tons / year), the parking area with a capacity of about 1400 kendaraann four wheel taxi.

For accessibility, which has 10 Kualanamu entrance gate, will be supported by access to the motorway and train specialized airport.

Construction of Phase I is accompanied by the construction of a railway line from the station in Aras Kabu Banyan District to the airport which is about 450 meters. Kabu Aras station itself is connected to the field station with a distance of 22.96 km.

Estimated mileage from Medan to Kuala Namu will be between 16-30 minutes. Price of train tickets Medan Kuala Namu-PP will hover around 80000 rupees.

The airport will be served Damri bus from and to the city of Medan and takes about 60 minutes.

There are arterial roads linking the city and airport of Medan. Jalan Medan-Kuala Namu toll is currently in the stage of manufacture. The toll road is planned to be completed in 2014. This is a toll road, including the Trans-Sumatra highway.

The cost side, the Ministry of Transportation declared the construction of International Airport Kualanamu, Deli Serdang, North Sumatra, has spent Rp 5.8 trillion ..

Inside Kuala Namu

Fire Truck

Kuala Namu from outside


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